A letter to myself,

                     It’s been extremely difficult to process, fathom and digest this in all of it’s dimensions, Let alone come to terms with. I’m saddened by the manipulation and deliberate intent of the infliction of the pain you’ve caused. For that alone I blame no one but myself. For I have granted you every entitlement you’ve felt you earned. It’s with great relief that I’ve left and moved on from this, from you. From us. I realized that in leaving what I know not to be good for me. Assured, that this action alone won’t go unnoticed by the al-mighty, Al-Basir. This action alone creating the room necessary for that of which He(SWT) has planned for me. For I remembered in the peek of the a.m. hours of which I laid wide awake in bed, that “We plan, He (SWT) plans and He (SWT) is the best of all planners”. Moving forward, I have chosen to release my fist tensely clasped with regret, and have forgiven myself for Eve to has bitten the apple. As we know history always has a way of repeating itself. This time, I, no different than those once alive, in sorrow and despair before me.

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