All that is left behind.

“Last night we again went against our no more late night phone calls rule  but it was nice. A different nice. A no pressure, no expectations reassurance nice. You speak through your words. What I mean is that you tell yourself and undress your thoughts through a generalized speech. You’re so passionate when you speak, it’s refreshing. Literally, It was mind boggling to me how every word, thought & perceptive you had, I shared.”  …….. Via SMS

On the contrary, despite it all going south. I know that of which we once were, led me to who I now am. So for that I thank God, for without him, I would’ve never walked away. 

In the time I knew you, I now question, was it truly natural in its nature? Or if we are even suppose to have shared that experience? Maybe, all we were intended to have was a meeting of the minds, maybe?

Regardless though, I’m happy for what I’ve extracted from the experience. You see for me lately I’m learning, time is an investment. I’m learning now I shouldn’t have just invested all my time into one person or thing, but into myself. For a lot of what I experienced  would have been easily averted. Nonetheless,  I’m appreciative for my ability to cope and deal with regrets and not so pleasant past experiences.




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