“Heart” (Qalb)

                                                              What hurts most is you act with your head not your heart. Forcing the dagger deeper in my heart making it merely impossible to hinder the overflow of my gushing pool of blood, that I now lay in. Adjacent my body as a reminder of your lack of compassion, memory and love that once mimicked the vibrant red color of my heart. Now black and thick in consistency, is all I have left aside from its vital, essential function.

2 Comments on ““Heart” (Qalb)

  1. A heart is not a brain and they are do not agree with one another at all times……… I love the descriptive details shown in this. Makes you envision a heart…. very touching. thank you. The essential function keeps us going and it will redden again overtime. There’s mention that your heart has turned black…. you associate your pain with black…..Sounds very painful. A red heart sounds like a cured heart in this poem. Curious as to why? Because this is its “normal” state?


    • Beautifully said. I love that you mention that though at times the brain and heart may work harmoniously they can also disagree. However to answer your question, the symbolism of the color black is as you stated is in direct association with pain, evilness and sinning. Where as the color red stands for purity, good, and love. Essentially, what I’m trying to portray through imagery is once this heart suffered in cause of another’s infliction of hardships and pain. Its slowly morphs into a black color. Representative of one becoming one with their experiences.
      Hopes this helps! Thank you for your kind words XO


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