Owed nothings.

How do people ask us for forgiveness?  Since when is that owed to another?  What about the process of healing?

Even after things never changed , you still only care about your own comfort as you walk by me in the hall. You want to hear something sick? For the past couple of months that’s all I cared for as well, you. For a second I thought you cared, that I was wrong and unwarranted in my judgement in that you’re heartless & empty numb to others emotions amongst those of your own. That day it reminded me of all the days before that one. Once again the concern in your voice looking only to serve yourself. It’s crazy that my heart genuinely sinks just at the idea that you may be carrying the weight of me as a burden on your chest, in your heart. Unfortunately though, the last time was just that, the last time. I just hope you understand and truly fathom that I didn’t stop caring but in fact I just started, for myself that is.

One Comment on “Owed nothings.

  1. Deep thought and unexpected turnaround at the end. Need not to let anyone get the best of you if they are not reciprocating….

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