Don’t forget to look back, before you let go.

Broken, hurt, lost & confused, I feel sorry for myself, for the place I now find myself in. How awful is it that I loathe and bathe in my very own self pity. Selfish huh? I mean pathetic if you ask me.

So much distance has formed between who I was and who I now am. I regret everything, I no longer think about anything, I feel nothing. I’m confused.

I’m empty, looking to fill a void of which I am unaware of the contents of it previously filled space. I desire, I’m sinfully. I seem a lot of things I am not. I would just let go but I’m not happy with what I am, who I am or the path I’m going. I hate this place I’m in, I cant stand it, I hate it. I’m angry with myself for the position I now find myself in.

All these feelings describing the actions of a past me, an old me. All of which emotions still remain and ring true to how I now feel. Question is,  How much longer until new habits start to form and old ones break? …..


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