Me, I, I’ve.

I’ve become less lovable. More aware, less naive. More guarded, less gullible. I’ve become less lovable. No longer able to fool, I no longer wear my heart on my sleeves. But instead I walk around with an anchor in my chest. One which causes the blood to gush out, overflowing over my other organs, drowning them. Drowning me.

The weight of this anchor causing me to gasp for every breath of air as though it’s my last over my loud and painful tears over filling my eyes now sore & red left in absolute despair and complete devastation of that of which has now (past) and transpired.

I wish that I can start new and fresh, and can go back in time. But truthfully if I wished that I don’t know what that’ll say about me, about what I learned. That’s why I don’t regret. I know if I do, that that means I haven’t taken away anything from what was suppose to be an intended lesson for me to acquire. So  I don’t, I just reflect, contemplate and reapply these newly acquired lessons and experiences in my day-to-day.

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