Ask yourself?….

Who I am ?.. I mean I know my name, address, family, religious standing. But who I am?.. Me, as a person I mean. It’s the weirdest thing, that I am no longer able to recognize my reflection in the mirror. To be fair though, maybe that’s because I stopped seeing my physical attributes, but rather my eyes fixate on my rotting soul. One which has fully taken shape and form of my face and body I now stare at in the mirror.

Does it make me dramatic to go as far as to say that  I hate who I am? I swear the mere thought of who I’m becoming, makes me nauseated. How do I begin to fix myself? What’s the way out, when you feel so deep into your bullshit? Is it too late now to wrong my rights, form new habits, and find comfort in my old way of living? Or have I simply morphed into a new being? Should I then, accept and move on or stop, question and re-evaluate?


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