At the end of the day, it’s all just a game.

I remember that day as though it was yesterday. I was so scatter brained. Every bad thought and fear I had secretly wished out of my brain, becoming a reality I had to now acknowledge.

For the first time, I had wished I wasn’t right. For actions speak louder than words. And now more than ever did his voice echo loudly in my brain. His words reverberated in the walls that made up the four chambers of my heart. “Watch my actions” he would tell me. I never understood why he couldn’t communicate his feelings. Now though, now I get it. He mirrored and mimicked ever emotion, feeling and thought he had.

My sadness turned into understanding after I was able to finally detach myself from Him. Finally, I understood what purpose he served in my life. I understood that I alone am not the only one who hurts in the world. That he was emotionless due to his own pain and suffering he too, once endured.

Question now was, does that then justify misplaced anger? I mean without my investment into him, how was I to know, just by looking at him from a distance that he’d been so fucked up? Answer to that is, you don’t. You play the game. What game you ask? The game of RISK. It’s the game where your time, effort, mental well-being, energy, emotions and heart are all on the line. One where 9/10 of the times you don’t earn a return on capital. For in this game of Risk, people are the investment. So choose your players wisely.

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