Lesson learned.

The taste in my mouth lasting serving as a reminder of my sin outdoor in the sunlight that day. One whose memory I’ll remember reflected on the steamed windows of my car and experience I’ll never forget. Undervalued, unappreciated for my efforts I have yet to be reassured of my value. So I lay useless, exposed, used and unwanted. My heart, it fooled me. I learned today that some thoughts are better in theory than in actual real life. Everything done in hopes of seeking acceptance. Though your door remained locked even when I know you heard me knocking. I regret nothing but the physicality of our motionless bodies awkwardly placed in the confined space. On my journey of appeasement, I realized I’m unable of loving those who seek perfection in others and are unable to love themselves. So with that said I’m walking away. From what I thought was something, I now know to mean nothing. I take with me another experience and chalk up on my board of life, another lesson learned.

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