Deja Vu in the flesh

You ever meet someone that reminds you of who you used to be? Followed by that the anxiety and overwhelmingness of that, you can only handle for a little bit at a time.  It’s crazy how we can change and evolve. More crazy, is the inability to see ourselves for what we are in the present time.

These pieces of me faded forgotten and not realized fast enough in past time. What I now see viberant and alive in who you are today. I, never saw in myself yesterday.

The part of you I once recognized as a quality in myself, doesn’t overwhelm you as it once previously did as a part of me. I envy that. For I had to let go, and make changes. Through which very process, I lost myself in.

I’ve walked away, abandoning what it was I once held on so tight thinking made up so much of me. I now let go and found those who’ve picked it up. Stolen?… No abandon yes. Because what you are, I used to be. Where you stand, I’ve now better repositioned myself.

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