I, like any other who pass by me on my way to class. On his way to class. I, like no other. Me, just another ‘Hey’ ‘how are you’ conversationalist helping him through his day. As though we had yet to service each other both intimately and intellectually. Truth is at the time I was just that, a servant. No more, no less. Just another thing filling his 24 hour time slot , entertaining him as he got through his day. His modeled interest.

A time piece? No, more like a timed piece. He moved me through his game of life. Just as you push back and forth a chess piece (at your own convenience), only using it on your conquest to have it crowned. My piece, of course, crowned a lot sooner than others on the board. No more than in a couple months time had I felt, deeply and passionately, hate, love, anger, resentment, sadness, sorrow, interest, compassion for one being. Yet, my purpose had been filled and our fate sealed. Little to my knowledge, his chess board, like any other, required multiple crownings. This, representative of the many women he chose, mislead, and stole from with every intention but that of their own best interest. Only hoping to fill his own with.

Still today, he continues on this journey in hopes of finding that last queen to crown. Only question is how many more pieces will he have to knock down before the last is crowned?

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