Casual Casualties

I’m not talking about the ones caught in the cross fire of a war. I’m talking about us regular everyday average Joes.

Until you become one with “society “,  you will be unaware of who is apart of it. At least this part of society. The secret society, that no one talks about unless you start that conversation.

This summer, scratch that , this year I became a new member to this society. Problem about these memberships though, are that no one tells you that they’re like tags on cows in farms. Labeling you. Constricting you. Making you, no different to the many people that pass by you on the street, in school or in public. More similar to these people in society. Is the similarity in their actions.

Everything and everybody all influenced and motivated by nothing but a temporary pleasure that leaves us all walking in opposite directions feeling empty and numb. Essentially, making it so that nothing means anything and no body means something.  



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