The cost of my very own unconditionally love

You broke me down unveiling every flaw and imperfection I had, leaving me exposed.  Convincing me you cared, this in attempt to justify your criticism. I, gullible foolishly believed you. Allowing you to be my very own “Mr. Fix-it”. Truth is now looking back, you and  your “love” it had conditions, restricting limitations and times of expiration of which my heart had no intention of complying. 

Your eyes, beady and black reminiscent of that of a crow’s. Fearful, I hunched, too subconscious too stand in your presence. This in fear of judgment. Millions of insecurities flying by me like birds going south in cause of a upcoming cold winter. This, creating chaos in my head. 

So, well I guess now you’re wondering when it is I’m going to tie in my title to my piece. As I always do. The cost, in this relationship was my security, confidence, time and most important, MYSELF. Though, I can’t get back my time, already I’ve gained back more than I’d thought I’d lose walking away.

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