Candy coated good-ness

The chip on my shoulder in the shape of an apple. Just as the one Eve bit, before all of humanity began to follow as she led in sin.

This apple decorated in chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut shavings and caramel just as this fall seasons apples displayed at local supermarkets. Tempting us with their candy coated goodness.

These toppings, just as the devil.  Tempting us with this world’s temporary pleasures. Whispering in our ears sweet nothings, empty promises and a guarantee of emptiness and numbing, filling up the hallow walls of our insides.

Each bit indicative of the steps towards a newer experience. One’s only after acquiring, we truly question the necessity of the experience. One’s despite all warnings of a later stomach ache, we still indulge in the apples.

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