Wait don’t go, stay a while

I bet you didn’t think I could walk away? I bet you didn’t think I’d do it or that I was strong enough? I bet you thought I’d crack by now. I bet you didn’t think when you came up to me to check in, that I couldn’t see past the bullshit you’d strung together. Like your words into genuinely concerned sentences.

I don’t hate you, I forgive you,  I strongly dislike you.

These thoughts all rush into my head as you stay and wait on my response, any response, a response. One that’ll reassure you, you’d still have me feeding out of the palm of your hand. Little to your knowledge, I’d grown way too big in size for you to even be able to carry in your palm any longer. Nonetheless, I’m changed. I’m different, I now know better. So, wait, but that day won’t come. It doesn’t exist. This thanks to the strength I have today,  my now silence dictating the rest of all the next days to follow.

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