I wonder how many pass me everyday who are just empty as I.

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  1. We are all innately empty. Only one can fill their own cup. The illusion of external pleasures sends us further into descension. Many floating heads, the detachment of the whole of society can be easily seen. I am detached from my body, right now, into my head, as I analyze and intellectually express the discourse of humanity that has resulted in this extreme polarity that is only becoming worse. Looking at a Divine connection with Humanity as separate from another divine connection, coming from my ptsd from when my uncle, aunt and cousin gave me the illusion that they still think of me as the family I was before they become observant Jews and Talmudists, who bash other essences of divine love. We have been trained to accept the illusion that the emptiness is filled by external things. Ones who “speak” of their righteousness with their gait…with their flow of living……can often be seen to indulge in self destructive behaviors. My Chabad uncle claims he only preys to the 1 divine entity…but yet he still gives legitimacy to the evil tyrants called government. Humanity has been led down a dark path into its own disconnection and misunderstanding of emptiness, a path I would see destroyed. The media, government, public school system, are all things that have contributed to this disconnection. If we didn’t come into this world empty then we would be immune to pain.


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