Time will tell John,

It seems the semester is coming to an end, a lot sooner than I’d like. Time and time again I’ve exerted my efforts to rekindle and recreate what was. Only problem, you shared no common interest.

I guess I’ll never know if it was that I was too forth coming, not enough, or just insufficient? Or maybe what we are now, is all we’ll ever be. I wonder if the thoughts that cross my mind ever did or do yours? Have I’ve over stayed my welcome in your life ? More than that, I think about why it is I feel a void?

No need to be alarmed, I’m no longer confused. Just unsettled. As though we have yet to finish servicing each other. Is that feasible? .. For one to be unsettled while the other walks around most certain.

Maybe I’m crazy, or I just want to take advantage.

I don’t know. What I do know, is that I’ve taken this out of fates hand, and placed it in-between the palms of your own. So what this is and becomes is now on you. I, no longer carrying the stress of this weighted burden on my shoulder, mind or heart. No longer will my body react with the shaking and overwhelming anxiety over what ifs and what could’ve beens. My part, complete.  All left and unsaid, is that of the compliance of your own.

So this time, I’ll wait as workers while the dust of their sawed wood settle in the air.







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