Not my kind

I’m not yours, and you aren’t mine. But we knew this before anything happened. Which I assume is why people question the necessity of us, of this.

Mistakenly, I had thought you and I were so different, when we were really much alike. I was wrong, I  don’t know you. You just as others out there, thinking they know me because all I reveal, leads you to believe nothing is left for you to know.

But your wrong. I never stay the same person for too long. For I am objective and most critical in my own critics. Causing me to be ever-evolving. Whatever it is you think you’ve figured out, you should re-evaluate. As I too, have done with you. All your own words, never followed through with actions. Causing me to become confused.

Leading me to believe you are dishonest. When indeed, I know you are not.

But I, just as anyone have learned often do our own ears decieve us. Where as our eyes will never. For ” Seeing is believing” and you never gave me much to look at. 

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