Order in the court.

Long ago I decided that I never want to grow comfortable in anyone’s inconstancies. Leading me to pursue my journey in personal growth. Questioning my identity.

Who I am?,  What I want? and who I want to be?

These questions all forcing me to reevaluate everything I once knew so well. Any and all morals, culture and sense of traditions instilled in me. Had been all I’d known, and I, had called them to trial. Examining them like defendants recalling there account of that one night in March, July and any others that would later follow.

I questioned all good that was left in me, with all my sins I’d now equated to weigh on my scale as my evils. Twenty one, I lost all I spent my lifetime guarding.

Now twenty two, I  can say that though I don’t regret, I do now know what I would’ve done differently.

One Comment on “Order in the court.

  1. I love this ! I’m not going to grow comfort in others inconsistencies either


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