Sarah Jaan,

I wish I’d remembered when exactly it was we’d began really getting close. Truthfully though, I don’t. I will tell you what I do remember, I remember that I told myself to trust you. Something inside urging me to, so I did. Shortly after that we’d began giggling for hours on end about everything and everybody. For the first time I fell in love in different way.  You, first a friend, now recognized as a sister.

The resemblance in our own lives simply uncanny.  None of which I even shared with my own real sister. From home life, to campus you had taken first hours, days then weeks of my schedule. All unnoticeable thanks to the comfort and honor I genuinely been given from your company. I no longer burden with turning my back, because you always had that covered. Protecting my own name from the mouths and tongues of others, as though your own. Reminding me what our sisterhood truly is and will always be.

With every fall, you were there to bandage the scrapes on my knee. Every time I had lost hope, you had caused me to fill up my empty tank with faith that all that has happened had served purpose in its place. I, as you learning at a much faster pace, trying everything out in the world to make sure when it’s your turn, it is a much safer place. Giving you all the advice and guidance as though hand-me -downs. My every sisterly instinct now intuitive with you as a mothers is hers, her child.

Now 21 yourself it is becoming more difficult to protect you and derail you from the evils of the world and all sins. Instead I am now settled, and chose to opt for more realistic measures. Such were I sit down on the bench besides where you too once used to observe me and hope you don’t scrape your knee, the same I had mine. Hoping that all the words I have both said and written down you remember that I love you, even with scrapes on your knee. So take my advice as I had yours and trust that even in the silence, I’ll be there, not just in lingering but in form of a subtle presence of your conscious and heart. Ready on the sidelines of a game like a father in the stands cheering for his son or daughter, I too supportively cheering, every time you score. When you don’t, know I will riot with loud whispers of encouragement.

Not yet fully grown, I realize we’ll never be. Age proving to be more than just an escalating number as the years pass in representation of the growth of our friendship. This growth, on-going. Though I can not guarantee you my physical presence but what I can grant you is my verbal, emotional, mindful and loving promise that I will always be around.

                  All this said, remember and know, I too will bandage any of your scrapes, cuts or bruises and together we can weather any storm even with Gods loudest thunders.


                                                                                                    XOXO Yours Truly, your best friend 

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